picture books

Glider Reading

Climbed into
The glider to
Read a picture book.

She finished
The first book
She reached for another.

After book
She flipped through
The pages with intention.



9 thoughts on “Glider Reading

    1. Thanks for saying that Deb. I feel strongly about not putting her face in my blog. I often wonder if the non-head photos, like this one, are strange. Glad to know they’re enhancing the writing for you.

  1. “She flipped through the pages with intention.”
    I like that. It would seem contradictory but it’s not. It’s what kids do and sometimes we don’t let them do enough of it.
    Thanks for sharing the picture, as well.

  2. Such an adorable age and yes, the pictures do tell the whole story. When I’m with my granddaughters, they are so engrossed in their books and point out all the important things to Grandma.

  3. I love the way Isabelle is surrounded by books in so many of the pictures you post, Stacey…..book after book, the reading life is as natural to her as breathing……

  4. These are the kinds of moments that always brought me joy and still do. I love watching my children engrossed in a book. I also think the photos are great.

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