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Bizzy Bear is in the house (again)!

Thank you to the folks who left comments on my post earlier this week. I took your advice and purchased three new Bizzy Bear books to replace the one that broke. They arrived today while Izzy was napping. I brought them up to her when she woke up. The expression on her face was sheer delight. Her face lit up. Her little hands began manipulating the cardboard pages immediately. What a priceless literacy-related moment!


After I read all three of the books to her, she handed one of them over to her bear, Schlepp. He asked her, “Would you like me to read these to you?”
“Yes,” Isabelle replied.
So, using my best bear voice, I read them aloud to her. (Do you know how hard it is to manipulate books like these using a stuffed animal’s paw? Not complaining, just saying.)

Time to put my iPhone down and get back to reading with Isabelle. 🙂


One thought on “Bizzy Bear is in the house (again)!

  1. It’s just the most fun to surprise the little ones, who show such delight, as if it is a miracle that those books appeared. Very special, Stacey. And I’m so glad you know how to talk like a bear; I’ve been playing ‘monsters’ lately-very interesting to see what Ingrid is imagining.

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