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Board Book Repair Tips Needed

How do I fix this?

Every now and then my daughter lifts the flap of a book one too many times or a bit too quickly and it rips off.  There’s a quick fix for that: clear packing tape.  However, one of her beloved board books, Bizzy Bear: Let’s Get to Work! by Benji Davies, has come apart.  The page that invites her little hands to “push that sand” has fallen out of the book.  I can only imagine it happened when she pushed it too hard.  Or perhaps it was because she pushed it too often.  Regardless, the cardboard has fallen out of the book.

This piece of cardboard was laying on our kitchen counter, staring up at me, for two weeks.  I wasn’t sure how I’d manage to fix it.  Last night, after watching my daughter’s sad face when she couldn’t interact with that page of the book, I decided to try to put the cardboard back into the book.  I couldn’t manipulate it so that it would fit.  My husband tried and tried and eventually got the cardboard back into its track in the book.  Success!

But then today, she was sitting on the floor reading Bizzy Bear: Let’s Get to Work! when I heard a whimper.  And then I was being handed something.  It was that pesky piece of cardboard — again.  It had fallen out — again.  I have no idea how to fix it — again.

A book board mender, I am not.  Is the solution going to be buying a new Bizzy Bear book?


14 thoughts on “Board Book Repair Tips Needed

  1. Ah, the busted busy board book dilemma! I went through this when my son tortured his “Spot” book to death! And yes, I bought a new one. There are others I didn’t bother to replace but the very special ones – yes, its worth every penny.

  2. In our house, we have the same dilemma. Now that we are 2 and a half, we are taking care of books better and borrowing library books too! But, book reading happens and books become warn from all that reading. I’ve wanted to replace a few, but usually end up buying new books. A few very special ones will be replaced.

    1. @Elsie: I kind of took your advice. I just went to Amazon and ordered her three new Bizzy Bear books, but not the one that got broken. I figured she might like some new Bizzy Bear stories. Therefore, Bizzy Bear: Fun on the Farm, Bizzy Bear: Let’s Go and Play, and Bizzy Bear: Off We Go! are on their way to us. They should be here by Thursday. (Gotta love prime shipping, right?)

  3. Much loved books do fall apart. I bought replacements when it was absolutely necessary (like it now appears to be for Isabelle!) but kept the crumbled up ones. My kids love having THOSE to remember their younger selves by these days.

    1. Great idea, Tara! I found the onesie Isabelle wore for her first birthday (embroidered with her name and the number one) and was thinking I should start a keepsake box. What a wonderful way to help her know her future self know her younger self as a reader than by packing away well-worn books like Bizzy Bear: Let’s Get to Work!

  4. I love that your daughter is reading so much that her books are falling apart! What a wonderful problem to have! My son was in love with Five Little Ladybugs when he was a little guy. We not only replaced it once but we also bough a second replacement book…which is also very well loved/worn. He used to take that book everywhere. If it wasn’t in his hands because he was reading it, it was in the diaper bag near by or tucked under his arm for future use. Glad you solved your problem and glad your daughter loves books so much!

  5. Tooth marks, torn corners and broken binders….yep, the features of a well loved book! I remember it well. I too love your solution and it sounds like Isabelle will be set for a while with more Bizzy Bear.

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