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Prepping for the Storm

Things We’ve Already Completed
Buying batteries, water, & non-perishables
Bringing in objects that could fly away like deck furniture and porch rockers
Putting flashlights in key locations so we can still read and play with Isabelle

Things In-Progress
Laundry in the washer and dryer
Cookies getting ready to be baked
Last items on a shopping list for the store

Things To Do Before Sunset
Record and send out birthday messages via video for family members who we may not be able to reach this week
Clean out inbox
Play outside before it gets wet and muddy

Uncertainty looms

Will I be able to get Isabelle to an important medical appointment tomorrow afternoon or will I have to wait weeks if the medical office is closed?

How long will we be without our modern conveniences?

Will books, puzzles, and blocks be enough to keep Isabelle entertained once it starts pouring an we can no longer go outside to play?



30 thoughts on “Prepping for the Storm

  1. Looks like you’re all set – maybe save a few special toys in the closet for when Isabelle’s patience (and yours) wanes. Wishing your family a very safe week!

  2. Stacey (and fam),
    Stay safe and hope all goes better than expected. Thanks for posting the Slice of Life early! It looks like we’ll be on the fringes of the storm-no matter what it will have devasting effects whether during or after-I will pray for safety for all of my fellow slicers and their families! Hope you’re still able to get to the doctor appointment. Thinking of you!

  3. I’m in PA as well. We’ve battened down the hatches now. I think I’ve read too much post-apocalyptic, but I think we should get through this without needing to start putting out traps in the backyard to catch our next meal. Good luck to you!

    1. @Maria: I hope we’re beyond that! Though I did see some large animal skulking around in our backyard today. Don’t want to make him dinner anytime soon. Good luck to you as you weather this storm, too.

  4. Best to you all, Stacey. I agree with you, The Weather Channel is out of control, but so are our own weather people in Denver, as if they have nothing else to say, just Frankenstorm in the east! I did talk with a friend whose family has been evacuated from Brooklyn, so at least good preparations are being done. Building a tent with chairs & blankets for Isabelle might be fun sometime, especially if you’ve never done it.

    1. @Linda: I actually built a fort with Izzy last week when I heard about the storm coming. She wasn’t happy about it. I even put her favorite train, picture books, stuffed animal, and a flashlight inside the fort. She had no interest. (Sigh.) Will try that again if the lights go out!

  5. Wishing everyone a safe few days ahead! You sound prepared and ready to deal with the storm and to have fun with your little one during the hours/days of rain.

  6. Hoping all is safe and sound! Your preparations reminded me of a time I did just this for a tornado. Everything in the basement, we were ready and the storm lifted and went on its merry way. No wind, no rain just a few gray clouds. I hope the same for you!

    1. @onesunflower: In reality, I hope we overplanned and are stuck with lots of extra water and D batteries. (My husband just filled the cars’ tires with air, so I’m thinking we’re now ready for whatever comes our way.)

  7. Your “early” post and all the responses was a reminder to me that this SOL weekly pattern is SO very important to ALL of us that we do it as PART of our preparation for the storm. Living in a place that really is called Stormville, I have spent many weeks without power over the years. It is NOT fun beyond that first day of quiet family time spent reading, writing and Scrabbling!

  8. Make sure your camera is charged up and ready to capture those great family moments. 🙂 I cancelled my guitar lesson but I can play without power.

  9. Ooooh, I wish I had read this yesterday, but of course I was busy doing all the Frankenstorm prep myself. Had I seen this, I would have seen your wise words and I’d have new toys and books for my very active 3 yr old. I completely overlooked that aspect…here’s hoping he gets to go to preschool tomorrow and I get to go to work because it could get dicey around here!

  10. Good luck to you…I also have family in the path of Sandy..it is so scary! It makes me wonder and think about how angry Mother Nature is!

  11. I hope you were all fine through the storm, Stacey. I loved your prep. I need to start learning from other people how to prep for a storm. I don’t ever do much of anything, and surely that’s not the right answer!

  12. I hope you were safe and sound during the storm. It sounds like you were very prepared for it. We made it here just fine in Maine. Just some trees and branches down, some loss of power… Tuesday’s thunderstorm was awesome and a bit scary, but short.

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