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Reading Aloud to the Teddy Bear

I might be witnessing one of the cutest things ever. Or at least so far in my daughter’s life.

She just woke up from her nap and is sitting in her crib reading some of the board books she keeps in there. But she’s not just reading them about to herself or two me. She has a captive audience that includes her teddy bear, Schlepp. After reading just one book aloud to him she grabbed him by the arm and moved him a little closer… perhaps so he could see the pictures a bit better. (Yes, I am aware that she’ll probably be very unhappy about this post when she’s a teenager, but I couldn’t resist capturing it in writing!)



5 thoughts on “Reading Aloud to the Teddy Bear

  1. Too cute!!! I love seeing my son mimic what he sees us do with reading. He’s still reading to others – his dad and me, the pets, his stuffed animals. But it did my heart good to see how he still craves the time when I read to him. Even if he can do it for himself. 🙂

  2. So sweet to see, Stacey. My granddaughter now holds school for a number of animals. She lines them up around her then ‘teaches’ them things, or reads. Much fun to see the little ones learn and grow.

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