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Happy Home Reading Moments

From the moment my daughter woke up this morning, which was at the glorious time of 8:15 AM, she wanted to read! Our day has been full of reading. Here’s are the top three bright spots:
1). She helped put her board and picture books away in the appropriate baskets, with my guidance, after she read them.
2). She attempted to repeat words my husband said as they read aloud to each other.
3). She began pressing the correct dots in Hervé Tullet’s Press Here.


23 thoughts on “Happy Home Reading Moments

  1. So much fun to hear, Stacey. Don’t you just love sharing the books with her? I love reading (now) to my granddaughters, & have many happy memories of reading with my children too. And I read to students all through the years, & now to many kinds of classes. It’s the best. Fun to hear about Isabelle repeating some of the words. Pretty soon, you won’t be able to stop her talking!

  2. How fun Stacey! There is so much joy in reading with children-no matter where they are…or who they belong to…thanks for the updates on Isabelle-very impressive that she’s putting the books back! And totally awesome that she’s saying the words!

  3. And so it begins…the glorious life of one who loves to read! At all times of the day…but never earlier than 8:00 a.m. (lucky mom!).

  4. LIke the rest, I love to hear about the start to her reading life. You are all in for wonderful adventure! And, great to have you back too, I missed your voice.

  5. Such a great picture and day to document. It is always fun to hear about her literacy development.

  6. Thank you for sharing the joy. Isabelle grows up with a strong sense of herself as a reader. I like how you created a celebration with this short post.

  7. I can remember when my children were beginning to read, they would always insist on taking their favorite books in their bags to read in the car, waiting rooms, shopping carts, etc. What a great reading stage!

  8. I am wishful of those days with my daughters as beginning readers. As I have grown older and wiser I am more appreciative of those memorable moments.

  9. Oh my gosh she has grown so much. I wish every teacher would spend days reading with their babies, no matter what their age. Such a great Momma!

  10. What a cause for celebration! Good for you for building this foundation and for noticing the little things on her journey to becoming a literate human–she has no idea yet how lucky she is to have you as her guide!

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