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Pajama Sunday = Reading Day

I declared today a pajama day for me and for Isabelle. The weather was too gross for outdoor fun. My husband spent most of the day working. Therefore, I decided the best thing Isabelle and I could do was to chill out in our pj’s in the comfort of our climate-controlled home.

Isabelle and I played a lot today. We rolled a ball around, blew bubbles indoors, and even had a tickle session.

We also read a lot today. I took an hour to read The NY Times while she watched an hour’s worth of “Sesame Street.” (I even read her an article from the Metropolitan Section during her snack.) We read lots of board books too! She brought me a Priddy counting book during “Sesame Street.” However, the majority of our reading took place when we focused solely on books. In fact, after her record long nap I was able to garner her complete attention while I read My Dad is the Best Playground & Bears on Chairs. This is a big switch from a month ago when she was barely willing to sit for four pages of a book.

Here she is reading Goodnight Moon a few minutes ago.


As you may have guessed, we’re having breakfast for dinner tonight. 10-grain, blueberry pancakes — here we come!


14 thoughts on “Pajama Sunday = Reading Day

  1. Sounds like you had a great day! I especially enjoyed hearing about the different types of reading you two did throughout the day. When hearing about you reading her a news article during her snack, I was thinking about all of that cultural and background knowledge that she will build over time through the reading and discussing she hears at home starting at such a young age.

  2. A lovely day inside your home. I love her little curls and her chubby fingers as she reads a book. Thank you for sharing your life in your writing. Your words sound like smiling.

  3. PJ Day! Everyone needs days like that. I love the picture you shared of her devouring the book. It’s amazing to watch our little ones grow as literature beings. Every milestone should be treasured.

  4. Sounds like my kind of day. I declare PJ days periodically throughout the summer. And reading the day away–awesome! Make sure you get a few more of those in this summer!

  5. PJ days are the best days and hold memories inside of them. I remember the transition from being able to read a page of a book to my children to reading an entire book. How exciting it is when they are engaged enough and loving it enough to stay on your lap.

  6. Stacey,
    I love it. It’s fun to have pajama days altough, we usually have them in the winter. On the day it was 98 here, I let Kam and Nat stay in their jammies and like you and Isabelle, we stayed in doors.
    It’s so awesome that Isabelle is already loving books as much as she does. How wonderful that you are encouraging that early development for a love of literacy! It matters for the rest of her life…thanks for sharing!
    PS How were the pancakes for dinner?

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