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If you give a toddler a purse…

I had an afternoon to myself yesterday. My husband stayed home with our daughter and I got some much needed R&R at a local spa (ie, my Mother’s Day gift). Before we met up for dinner i did some shopping. While I was eyeing some Vera Bradley bags I noticed something: teeny purses. There were two, toddler-sized bags hanging up. I immediately thought, “Izzy and Addy.” (Addy is my best friend’s daughter who is three months younger than Isabelle.)

Maybe it was the price tag ($22) or maybe it was recently finishing Cinderella Ate My Daughter, but I stopped myself. Neither my daughter nor Addy needs a purse! While it’d be cute, at first, I think I could be setting myself up for disaster. What if she got hooked on toting around a purse? Did I really need something else to keep track of when we go out? (Just remembering her sippy cup, diapers, & a change of clothes is enough!) And besides, I don’t think it sends the right message to start buying a toddler purses.

I once taught a group of fifth grade girls who, while in fourth grade, wouldn’t walk so far as to the other side of the room without their purses. (I put the kibosh on that day one of fifth grade.) Visions of a ten year-old Isabelle wanting her purse 24/7 flashed in my mind. That’s when I decided she wouldn’t be getting a purse just yet. There’s no reason to make my daughter any older than she is!


Although, if she were going to use it to carry around some of her small books, then… (Not even for books!)


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