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Morning Reader

Isabelle has done something interesting two out of the past four mornings once I’ve lifted her out of her crib.  Instead of wanting to be held by me, on my lap, while we sit together in her glider, she has nearly leapt out of my arms to get a hold of her board books instead.  The first time Isabelle wanted to get a hold of her books in the morning, she specifically opted for her touch and feel books.  She flipped the pages and felt the fuzzy animals’ fur.  This morning, however, she seemed to prefer a lift the flap book.  She has learned how to lift the flaps of these books independently.  Sometimes she’s a little rough with them causing the tops of the flaps to rip a bit, but the fact that she knows there’s text and a surprise picture underneath is fascinating to me.

To that end, right before Isabelle decided to look at her books this morning, I picked up Where is Baby’s Puppy to read to her (she was pointing at it from her position on my lap).  Today was the first time that she lifted all of the flaps while I read the book to her.  I was quite impressed.  Usually it’s me lifting the flaps.  I suppose this advancement is either developmental (She’s 13 months old now.) or has to do with the repetition of hearing and seeing the book read over and over to her (or maybe both).


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